Fancy Border Handwoven Towels

While I was weaving those lovely blue striped & plaid towels I had an idea for one more warp of towels I wanted to try – somewhat fancier towels, in a somewhat smaller size, white with a colored overshot border. More tea towels than dish towels.

For non-weavers, overshot is a traditional type of weaving, […]

Weaving Classic Towels

Back in January when I was working on that special order for placemats & napkins I just got the table linens bug. In the process of getting those woven I also wove 9 small towels on the sample warp that got rejected for the special order.

Then I wanted to make something bright & cheery, […]

A New Twist

A woman I know did me a favor. I tried to return that favor with some weaving but she wouldn’t let me – she insisted on paying me.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, you know. I just had to get more creative. I decided I’d make her a scarf and […]

An Interesting Find

After looking at it multiple times over the past several months, today I bought a shuttle at a little antique store. It’s an end feed shuttle, which I’ve never used before, so I need help learning how to thread it and to identify what its various features might be. I’m guessing it was made for […]

To-Do List Be Damned

I was taking my walk this morning when my neighbor stopped me and asked if I’d give her a hand. Sure! I walked home with my little dog, got in the car & drove up the road. (Her dogs would not have gotten along with Red.) Since I had the time to think walking back […]