Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of spring, the vernal equinox. You couldn’t tell it from our weather of the past few days.

We have had every kind of weather for the past two days. Sunshine, gray skies, light snow, wind, heavy snow with little visibility. Often changing from one to the other within minutes. […]

Sweet Dreams, Little Man

My grandson has been having some problems with nightmares lately. My daughter, queen of research, learned that it’s not uncommon at his age. She also learned that the reason that some little ones have nightmares is that they are developing their creative skills. They are now at an age when they can use their imaginations […]

Rainbows for the kitchen

If I tell you I sometimes overthink things, I’m exaggerating. But not in a good way. I’ve mentioned before that I have a tendency to be obsessive. So when I get an idea in my head I all-too-often give it way too much mental and sometimes physical energy than is appropriate.

After making all […]

Better pix? Not so much

I’ve now tried three different times to photograph that Silver Linings rayon chenille shawl, trying to reproduce the conditions that allowed that Frost shawl to turn out so well. Hah!

These are my best efforts, from first to last.

While they get a little bit better each time, none of them are good. All […]

A Giveaway & More Handwoven Shawls

A few weeks ago I was doing something on my computer and realized that this very month, March of 2013, is five years since I began blogging. Wow! So I decided that I’d have a blogiversary giveaway this month. Everyone who leaves me a comment on any post this month will be entered into a […]