Better pix? Not so much

I’ve now tried three different times to photograph that Silver Linings rayon chenille shawl, trying to reproduce the conditions that allowed that Frost shawl to turn out so well. Hah!

These are my best efforts, from first to last.
3 handwoven shawls

While they get a little bit better each time, none of them are good. All look dull and uninteresting. I’ve decided, at least for now, that it’s a matter of the color of the fabric. All that silver – the camera just can’t handle it. Other than that thin band of plum on one edge, the colors and color changes are quite subtle in this shawl, so I guess it just has to be seen in person. Period.

Time to move on. I’ve been having weaving fun if not photo fun, so stand by for some cool things in the next few days. And don’t miss my giveaway!

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