Now I Know

I don’t know about you, but for, talking about an issue helps me think things through & sometimes to solidify my thoughts, come up with the answer I couldn’t find silently. So I have long-suffering friends who are patient as I babble on.

When I was talking to Margaret, a non-weaver, about my loom decision […]

Split decision

I did what I planned, and wove the exact same pattern, exact same fiber, exact same sett on both the Varpapuu & the Macomber to determine which loom I would keep and which I would sell.

Here’s what I learned — I still don’t know.

Each loom had a warp long enough for two […]

Testing: 1, 2

I’ve decided I can’t yet decide.

But that’s okay, because I came up with a plan that’ll help me decide.

What the heck do I need to decide?

Whether to sell my Macomber or my Varpapuu loom. One of them needs to go. I’ve had the Mac for a handful of years, the Varpa […]

Weaving with Silk…and Cotton

After warping up the Varpa and getting everything all tied up correctly, I decided I’d change the treadling for each of the three handwoven silk scarves, as well as the weft color.

For the burgundy scarf I used ‘tromp as writ’ — meaning I danced across the treadles in exact same pattern as I’d […]

8 harnesses on Varpa

Warning to non-weavers: this is a very weaverly post. While you may not understand all the language, I think you’ll still find the photos interesting.

After successfully completing a warp of 4 4harness scarves on my new Varpa, I decided that it was time to give it a run with 8H. I knew I wanted […]