Testing: 1, 2

I’ve decided I can’t yet decide.

But that’s okay, because I came up with a plan that’ll help me decide.

What the heck do I need to decide?
Macomber loom

Whether to sell my Macomber or my Varpapuu loom. One of them needs to go. I’ve had the Mac for a handful of years, the Varpa for a few weeks. When I bought the Varpa my hope/plan was that I’d fall in love and sell the Mac in a heartbeat. Now, understanding that I’ll need to make a few modifications to the Varpa to make it fit me better, I’m wondering why I never made mods to the Mac. And I’m thinking that I should try some temporary mods (as I am with the Varpa) before I decide which loom to sell.
Varpapuu loom, partially set up

So my plan is that I’ll weave 2 scarves of the same fiber, same weave pattern, same sett on each of those looms. I’ll be paying attention to the weaving process while I’m at the loom, and the finished product when it’s off.

pinwheel scarf on the Varpa
I wound a black & white rayon warp, beamed it on the Varpa, and set off weaving an 8 harness pattern.

This is not a quick scarf to weave. I forget how much longer it takes to weave with 2 colors. I’m sure I’ll get into the rhythm once I get going, but it’s never as fast as 1 color. Plus, because I have relatively long floats, I’m using a floating selvedge, which also slows things down, but nowhere near as much as the 2 shuttles.

pinwheel scarves on the Varpa 2

I am pleased with myself that I planned well enough so that I’m only carrying the white up the side with the white and the black up that side.

I’ll keep you posted as I proceed with the Varpa-Mac faceoff. Of course, if you have an opinion on these looms, I’m happy to hear that!

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