Finishing & Catching Up

With my next show looming, I’ve been working hard to get new things woven and old(er) things fringed, wet finished, pressed, and labeled.

For instance, while watching TV this weekend, I strung ribbon and hung my tags on those 71 bags I’d made a few weeks ago.

I finally trimmed the fringe and photographed the rainbow shawls I’d woven in July. In hindsight, I wished I’d reversed the two colors I’ve pointed to in the picture, but they’re ok – not so bad I’m embarrassed or anything.
July handwoven rainbow shawl
I figured out which one I’ll hang on to and send to the professional photographer for my images for next year’s shows.

Then in response to an email from a customer, I realized I’d never photographed some of the rayon scarves I’d already finished, tagged, and packed. They are both a baby blue rayon, woven in huck. I probably don’t use the correct terms, but the first is what I think of as traditional huck…
handwoven scarf, baby blue huck

…and the second what I call huck ‘windows.’
handwoven lace scarf
I’m hanging on to one of these for the professional photos…I think the openness will photograph well.

I got the fringe twisted on those silk scarves I’d recently woven on the Varpa, then got them wet finished. I was struck by how dramatically different the two sides of the scarves are. The sheen of the silk is much more apparent on the lighter side, the pattern on the darker side.

The burgundy one, which I wove first, may be my favorite,
handwoven red silk snowflakes scarf

although I really like the coffee one, too.
brown handwoven silk scarf

The blue is my least fav.
handwoven silk scarf, blue snowflakes

I’m trying to decide if I’ll hang on to one of those for the professional photos. I think I’ll just put them out and see if they sell.

I also finally got the fringe trimming & pressing done on the yellow rayon scarves I wove on the Varpa. Although they’re only a 4H pattern & I planned to weave them on my counterbalance, I decided I’d give the Varpa a trial run.
handwoven yellow rayon lace

I’m wet finishing more scarves today, and hope to get a few cotton shawls measured & on the loom. Gotta run!

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