Remembering 13

When I was in 7th grade or thereabouts, I used cartridge pens, as did most (all?) of my classmates. The one I liked the best looked like the picture – transparent blue so I could see the ink level.

I much preferred the peacock blue ink to the standard dark blue or black. My […]

Busy, busy, busy

The last few weeks have been crazy busy at my end. I was training the new executive director for Pfeiffer Nature Center – I’m now officially retired! YAY!! It was a great gig for me for 10 years – the longest I’ve ever had any job.

It also feels wonderful to be working […]

Finishing and Starting

As I was unwinding the yarn to take it off the loom, it fell into these soft rolls that made me think of ribbon candy. As a kid I was entranced by it, probably because we never had any at our house. As an adult, I’ve never tasted any that I thought was worth […]

I’m Done Fighting

Remember that I said I retied the supplemental warp section 4 times at the beginning of the wrap? And that it wasn’t perfect but was moving forward ok?

Yeah, well, that was rather short-lived. Here’s the warp after about 80″ of weaving.

That big curve in the fell line makes it look like […]

It Got Better

It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely better.

I brought that re-wound bout to the loom, inserted my lease sticks, and put it over the warping valet, just like always. Then I got my cardboard mailing tube and used Sandra Rude’s directions for making and using a supplemental warp beam.

Here I’ve spread the warp in […]