I’m Done Fighting

Remember that I said I retied the supplemental warp section 4 times at the beginning of the wrap? And that it wasn’t perfect but was moving forward ok?

Yeah, well, that was rather short-lived. Here’s the warp after about 80″ of weaving.
the big curve

That big curve in the fell line makes it look like the supplemental warp has too much tension on it, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s just the opposite. It’s too loose. I can only get the fell line to be straight across if I pull that section of the warp toward me on the front beam. I can hold it in place with my big belly while I weave, but that only exacerbates the problem. That section of the woven cloth is much more stretched out that the rest of the fabric; this wrap would not offer consistent support. I tried every trick I could think of to improve the situation, all to no good effect. Here’s my latest, and last, attempt – hanging weights on sections of threads.

hanging weights

I’ve decided to cut off the yarn and cut my losses of time and energy. I’m going to re-order the yarn and start again. I’m emailing the moms about it now. In the meantime, I’m going to wind the warp for the other 2 wraps I have the yarn for.

Sorry KC & CW! I tried, I really did.

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