Fiesta to Sherbet

That yarn that I thought looked overwhelmingly bright, like a Mexican fiesta, turned into a lovely rainbow sherbet when I wove it in twill blocks with an undyed weft. The colors are a bunch more muted in real life than they appear in the photo.

I wish I’d woven both with that weft. Instead […]

Where does it go?

Time, that is. The days, weeks, and months just fly by. Two weeks from today I’ll be at my next show. YIKES!!! Do I feel prepared? Um, no. Will it be fine? I’m sure. I’ve not done the Clothesline Festival before, and have heard such wildly mixed reviews from others that I have no […]

Now THAT’S progress

Theresa over at Runamuck Weaving is amazing. Very skilled, very generous with her time, very encouraging, very rational. She has encouraged me every step of the way with my pants fail. One of her appropriate thoughts (my paraphrase) is, “Hey, it’s just fabric. If in the end it doesn’t work, you can always weave […]

Happy Jack

Many months ago I bought a toy for Jack. A small, blue, rubber, squeaky blowfish. We played fetch with it every day, sometimes both morning and evening, inside and outside. Fishy was clearly Jack’s favorite toy. He made noise so if Jack didn’t see where he went he’d hear him. His size was perfect […]

Back up

After the last post my back healed. But then my stomach left me. Except for a few trips to the bathroom, I slept from 10PM on Friday night till 7AM on Sunday morning. My daughter graciously brought Jack to her house since I couldn’t walk him, or even hang out in my yard with […]