Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

That’s what my weaving life has been like today.

Weave. Unweave. Repeat.

Last evening I wove about 4″ of the watery silk warp with the green weft. Then I remembered that I already have an undulating twill silk scarf with this green weft. Plus the beginning selvedges were nasty. Plus 3 of my trusted commenters […]

Auditioning watery wefts

The watery hand painted silk is on the loom, and I’m trying out various wefts. The warp is 30/2 silk, with roughly 7,440 yards per pound (ypp). As a general rule I like my weft threads to be similarly sized to the warp. I don’t have much (any?) colored 30/2 silk, so I tried […]

On beauty….and not

We have been dry, dry, DRY this summer. Add a winter with less-than-average snowfall, and you have a not pretty picture. So when we do get a bit of rain, the beauty is doubly appreciated. My melons are growing, and I’m hoping their taste is as thrilling to me as just watching them grow […]


I don’t think of myself as a brave person. I certainly don’t apply the term risk-taker to myself. Yet I am a person who is willing, sometimes eager, to try new things, especially when guided by a knowledgeable, supportive teacher. That’s the case with my recent decision to try dyeing yarn at home.

When I […]