Natural Light

I’ve known for a long time that natural light will give me better color in my photos than artificial light. Unfortunately I can’t make that happen at my loom.

Today I cut HR & YF’s wraps off the loom and did the machine hemming. I still have a bit of hand work to do before […]


Although most trees have already lost their leaves, a few things in my yard are just now putting on their shows.

Here’s a spirea, flaming color at the top.

Ignore the power poles and line in this photo (should have taken it from someplace else) and just focus on that Bradford pear tree. Deep […]


Here’s the binding after I re-sewed it. I haven’t pressed it yet; it will look even better after that.

Plus….I was able to weave 80″ of YF”s wrap today without a hitch. WHEW!!! Disaster averted!

In order to make sure the Tasmanian devil didn’t strike again, every time the warp needed to be […]

Problem solved, new problem

I carefully took the puckery binding off that blanket, then lot the problem move around in my brain for a bit.

DOH! I had this problem before, and solved it, and blogged about it! All I had to do was go find that blog post and see how I did it.

Although I did use […]

More towels

I worked really hard today & got the rest of HR’s custom wrap woven. Tomorrow I’ll start on YF’s sister wrap.

Back when I was hemming those baby blankets, I thought I might as well hem the towels. As the days passed I got them washed, dried, and pressed.

I wove 10 towels, […]