Racking them up

I’m making progress on HR’s custom baby wrap. Just not as much as I’d planned. I’ve only gotten about 80″ woven in 2 days. Despite working really hard.

Just not at weaving.

My firewood guy showed up yesterday morning. Strike while the iron is hot, especially since the cold weather is just around the […]

What the Heck?

I feel like this photo shows the colors on this warp accurately.

So why, then, does this shot from the front show yellow & orange? Neither color is in the warp, and no Photoshop adjustments can make any noticeable improvement. Weird, huh?

Anyway, you can see the treadling difference here with the same […]

Back to Babies

After some delays, I’ve finally been able to get back to weaving my custom baby wraps. As always, I started by winding the bouts on my warping mill. HR, the warp designer, created a beautiful flow, using 10 colors — more than any of my moms to date. With gradients between each, there are only […]

3 Blankies

I have the 3 blankets hemmed, washed & dried. All I need to do now is the hard press. I used a straight twill threading & treadling for all, and I’m quite pleased with how soft they all are.

Here’s the first one, the custom weave for TB.

The warp colors are cobalt, bleu, […]

500 Steps

Although the temperature was about 31 degrees this morning, it’s a beautiful, sunny, Autumn afternoon. I took my camera with me when I went for a walk. I spent the first part of the walk looking up.

I don’t recall oaks having this many colors. Usually they go from green to a brief span of […]