Not Fast

Usually when I’m weaving slowly it’s because there’s a problem at the loom – twisted threads, broken threads, treadles jumping out of their tie up, whatever. Or because I have other obligations – fund raisers, visits with friends & family, getting groceries, etc.

This time it’s because I have a head cold. I’m […]

Visiting with friends…and the loom

My out-of-town friends arrived Thursday afternoon as planned. They live in West-by-God Virginia, so I don’t get to see them all that often. We had a wonderful visit on Thursday, with a delicious 3-course, healthy dinner: baked eggplant parmesan, lentil salad, and ‘cheesy’ cauliflower with no cheese. The first 2 were great, the 3rd was […]

Putting my feet up

I’ve had a busy few days, and the fun isn’t over yet.

I’ve fringed and wet finished those cotton & rayon shawls (pressing still needed). I did a bunch of manual labor in my garage (don’t ask). I worked this morning at a fundraiser for my library. I’ll be back there for 5 hours tomorrow. […]

Which I chose

You can see very clearly which option I chose. I’m confident it was the correct one. And since the warp is just cotton, the ‘waste’ of that yarn is very minimal. Far less than my time involved in doing what would have been necessary to make the warp 3″ wider than planned. And given […]

Multi-colored cottons

Today I mailed off the baby wraps to ED & WL. They’ll be wrapping their little ones in just a few days!

Then, as planned, I wound a warp for three shawls.

I used 2 shades of green, 3 purples, and 3 blues, along with a variegated yarn that includes green, purple, […]