Just 2 feet more

Those twisted threads have been a royal pain in the butt throughout this warp. Slowing me down quite a bit and making me take more breaks than usual. When I get frustrated weaving, I have to walk away for a while. Plus, when I stand up I’m often distracted by the zillion other things to […]

Pay now or pay later

Here’s a brand new lesson I learned in my weaving: unwind the hard way or you’ll be sorry later.

I was winding the warp for ED & WL. With every gradient I do, there’s a specific sequence of 64 threads I follow. At the end of the gradient I count to make sure I’ve got […]

First things first

Families are the most important thing. My daughter & her family are so sweet. I enjoy going up to Rochester to visit, and to help out when I can. I’m looking forward to my house selling and being able to move up there.

Yesterday the Fed Ex man brought me a surprise – […]

Winding up

Today I got the last two bouts of ED & WL’s warps wound.

Bout 3 was pale yellow to pale green to turquoise.

The last bout was turquoise to peacock. Apparently I didn’t take any pix of it.

Then I spread the warp in the raddle and got it beamed – wound on the […]

Old waves, new wraps

The other day I stopped at a thrift store and picked up some embroidery hoops. I thought if the waves weaving was going to work at all, it’d be stretched in hoops. So without spending any real time in placement, I simply stuck 3 hoops on the piece and hung it over my full glass […]