Multi-colored cottons

Today I mailed off the baby wraps to ED & WL. They’ll be wrapping their little ones in just a few days!

EL & WL's wraps done

Then, as planned, I wound a warp for three shawls.

purples cotton, bout 1

I used 2 shades of green, 3 purples, and 3 blues, along with a variegated yarn that includes green, purple, and blue. I just wound a color till I felt like switching.

purples cotton, bout 2

I got the warp beamed and heddles threaded. I was threading the reed when I realized there was a problem. I planned a warp of 450 threads, sett at 18EPI for a width of 25″ in the reed. Each of my two bouts should have been 225 threads. Hah! I apparently wound each bout at 250 threads for a total of 500 threads.

So will I make the shawl 3″ wider? If so, I need to rethread the entire thing to make my warp centered. (Theoretically I could shift heddles across the center support, but that would present me with other problems later. Why? Because my heddles are where they need to be for my baby wraps. I really do not want to mess that up!)

Option 2 is to eliminate those extra 50 threads. All from the left side of the warp.

I decided that 8PM was not the time to make that decision. I’ll look at it in the morning and decide then.

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