Where does it go?

hand painted silk, rayon snowflakes

Time, that is. The days, weeks, and months just fly by. Two weeks from today I’ll be at my next show. YIKES!!! Do I feel prepared? Um, no. Will it be fine? I’m sure. I’ve not done the Clothesline Festival before, and have heard such wildly mixed reviews from others that I have no idea what to expect from it. But I know what I expected from myself, and that was to at least mostly replenish my stock with the number of scarves, shawls, and other items I’d sold in July. I had two whole months!

Well, I’m not too close and now I have just two weeks. My goal was 9 shawls, 21 scarves, and several little items. Plus I’m completely out of my packing bags, which I sew from pillowcases.

hand painted silk scarf, lavender snowflakes

So far I have 6 shawls, 7 good scarves and 3 not-good ones, and no little items. I don’t think I’ve done great planning. Maybe I shouldn’t have spent so much time dyeing yarn. Or making pants. Or taking photos, or blogging or figuring out why the contact emails on my website weren’t getting to me, or….what are those other things that eat up my hours?

hand painted silk scarf, red-violet snowflakes

I’ve already made some other decisions that may not have been the best, too, decisions that I’m too far into to change. I just keep telling myself that it will be fine. Maybe I can start to believe it.

hand painted silk scarf, ice blue waves

So the photos in this post, from the top down – all warps are hand painted 30/2 silk:

  • snowflakes with royal purple rayon weft, same weight as the silk so the motifs are square, unlike the next two
  • snowflakes with 20/2 lavender silk weft
  • snowflakes with 20/2 red-violet silk weft
  • watery silk with 20/2 ice-blue silk weft
  • watery silk with very fine (same weight as the warp) slate blue cashmere silk weft

hand painted silk, slate blue cashmere silk waves

4 comments to Where does it go?

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Theresa. It takes so long to set up a decent pic, and while I prefer outdoors, I don’t often have the right conditions, and don’t have a nice, plain backdrop.

    The bags are a great thing to do in the evening while I’m watching TV, Alma, so I’m good, but thanks for offering.

    Unlike the old song, time ISN’T on my side, Judy. 😉

  • Judy T

    Lovely Peg – each and every one! Although in the photos, number 5 is my favorite… they’re all really lovely!
    Ahhhh… time… yes I sure know what you’re talking about. Hope to see you soon.

  • Alma

    Oh, Peg, what work you have done! One is amazingly beautiful and radiates the splendor of the color and the pattern! Two, four and five are beyond wonderful. I’m sorry to say that I’m a little disappointed in number 3, but I know it will hit someone else’s eyes just right. They are all reflections of your dyeing and weaving talents!! Congratulations!

    (Need some help with the bags?)

  • The scarves look lovely in their “formal” pics. Time does fly, I seem to be peddling it away at an alarming rate. Summer is just about gone and all those outdoor projects still need doing….wood needs to be cut and split too….
    Love the name of the festival. Hope it’s a good one for you.

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