It Got Worse

This was a REALLY busy week at my paycheck job. Instead of working 2 or 3 days I had to work 5. Long ones. Yesterday was our largest annual fund raiser, and it requires lots of effort. Thankfully, it’s over now.

As a result of all that time away from home, I had little time […]

Making a New One

A new mistake, that is. While I’m pretty good at not repeating my mistakes, I seem to be excellent at finding new ones to make.

I wound the two remaining bouts for KC & CW’s baby wraps, spread it in the raddle, and beamed it. I started threading the heddles. All was going well. […]

Warping Outside

The yarn for the next batch of four custom handwoven baby wraps finally arrived. After getting a bunch of errands and other tasks done this morning, I finally got back to babies this afternoon.

It was the first time I’ve been able to work outside in a L…O…N…G time. I moved my warping mill out […]

8 Shaft Silk

Although I don’t weave them all that often for my scarves & shawls, I do love a complex twill weaving pattern. I modified the gebrochene pattern I wove last year.

Except last year I wove it in 20/2 silk; this year I’m using 30/2 silk. My post from last year incorrectly said the 20/2 […]