Remembering 13

When I was in 7th grade or thereabouts, I used cartridge pens, as did most (all?) of my classmates. The one I liked the best looked like the picture – transparent blue so I could see the ink level. cartridge pen

I much preferred the peacock blue ink to the standard dark blue or black. My teachers didn’t share my sense of color, and I remember getting chastised about it more than once.

I got a visual flash of the color of the peacock ink on the white paper while I was weaving today.

weaving peacock

I worked really hard today. Returned the rental van. Washed a load of clothes and got them dry on the line. Laid out and dried my 3 awnings, which got rained on at about 4PM at the show yesterday. Set up the frame of the roof of my tent and put the top on it, for the same reason. (Thankfully the sides were dry.) Mowed two sections of my lawn. And then came inside and wove 3 yards of E&E’s baby wraps. I got the cream section done and a bunch of the marine section.
cream and marine hearts

I had a very good show this weekend in East Aurora. I sold four nice shawls and want to weave more summer weight ones – silks, rayons, and/or cottons – before my two show in August. So while I don’t have the replacement yarn for K&C yet, it can’t be too far away, and I want to get E&E’s wraps off the Macomber so I can put on a silk shawl warp.

Tomorrow’s schedule includes 4-5 hours of focused house cleaning with my neighbor and her daughter. They’re helping me get the house ready for photos, listing, and hopefully sale. Then more weaving.

I need many more hours in the next few weeks. Got any you can sell at a reasonable price?

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