It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but I have an excuse. No, not an excuse, a good reason.

I’ve been cleaning. Like MAD! Hours and hours, cleaning and polishing every bit of woodwork in my house – and there’s a LOT of wood. Clearing every flat surface. Scrubbing everything sparkling clean, cleaner than it’s been in years. Or probably decades.

looking down at living room & kitchen

Making the inside of my house ready for listing – which should happen in the next day or two.

looking up from the dining room

It’s an unusual home, built using timberframe construction. 7 rooms on the first floor, a loft-style second floor with two large bedrooms and another small room that has changed purposes over the years. A 26′ clerestory. Hardwood floors throughout most of the first floor.

Full basement, 2+ car garage, plus another large outbuilding. A beautiful country setting, yet only 1/2 mile off a main road.

A view from the porch that’s to die for.
a view from the porch

Mature perennial gardens with over 100 varieties, plus shrubbery, including well-producing blueberry bushes.
side garden

23 acres, with a well-managed forest covering about 15 of them.

Do I have you ready to start packing up your current digs yet? I hope so!

(I’ve been weaving, too, but haven’t taken pix of anything – too busy!)

5 comments to Whew!

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Judy & Alma. The realtor just left, so my home should be online by tomorrow evening. Let’s see who’s interested.

  • Alma

    Peg – Your house is gorgeous!! You’ve written up a wonderful description, and it’s only a matter of finding the right person. Prayers for a quick resolution!!

  • Judy T

    Peg – it looks and sounds wonderful! I feel confident that the right family will see what a treasure it is! I’m wishing for a quick sell so you can pack up to head north to spend lots more time with your wonderful family!

  • Well, were I thirty years younger, I’d be offering you a down payment; alas, at our ages (57 & 73) we’re settled in where we are. I wish you the best of luck with selling and hope you get the price you need. It looks like a great place to live and raise kids and pets.

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Lynda. It certainly was a great place to raise my kids, and plenty of pets. Now I’m hoping to take my one little dog and move closer to those kids and my grandson.

      Hopefully young families will see the beauty and be able to make a living here in the sticks.

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