To-Do List Be Damned

I was taking my walk this morning when my neighbor stopped me and asked if I’d give her a hand. Sure! I walked home with my little dog, got in the car & drove up the road. (Her dogs would not have gotten along with Red.) Since I had the time to think walking back downhill I had the presence of mind to grab my camera before I ran to the car.

What was the task? Help a young cow birth her first calf – how exciting! I’d never done anything like this before.

I arrived just in time to be helpful so didn’t get any before pix, but here are 3 afters.

calf 1

calf 2

calf - first time standing

No words necessary for this lovely scene.

3/24 UPDATE: I saw the neighbors today and both mama CeCe and baby Snowflake are doing fine.

8 comments to To-Do List Be Damned

  • Judy T

    How incredibly awesome is that!!!!!

  • Judy T

    Do you get naming rights? : )

    • Peg Cherre

      It WAS incredibly awesome, Judy! They name all their cows and Becky was considering while I was there, but knew the rest of her family would be involved in the process, so I left it up to them.

  • It’s so fluffy! Wasn’t it all wet? Will it stay white or turn black like its mom?

    • Peg Cherre

      It was all wet when it was born – you can see that in the first photo. Mama Cow’s job is to lick the baby dry. Because it was so cold and baby was shivering, the neighbor helped by rubbing him with a dry cloth. I stayed long enough to see the baby stand, by which time she was mostly dry and a bit fluffy.

      She will stay white – her dad was all white. The tips of her ears are black and she has a black ‘headband’ across the crown of her head between those long ears.

  • I told Ryan about the ropes and he said it was probability the first and last calf or that heifer. He supposes she told her mate to get a pet pig instead.

  • Alma

    What an experience, Peg! Did you guys have to help because it was Mama’s first time? Do they call it “pulling calves” because they always need help? Was Mama standing up or lying down when the baby came?

    Wow wow wow!

    • Peg Cherre

      Yep, it sure was an amazing experience. Yes, we had to help because it was Mama’s first time – I THINK most cows don’t need help after the first. Mama stood up the whole time. Apparently makes it easier for her, although not for her helpers.

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