Switching it up

TA switching colors

The weaving went smoothly for the black weft. The second wrap on TA’s warp is white Egyptian cotton. Here I’m changing colors.

Just before this shot I had a period of panic. I should have had 2 tubes of the white yarn, but had only 1. I checked the invoice – yep, only 1. I went to my notes where I figured out how much I needed – 2. So apparently I made a mistake when I ordered.

I immediately contacted T & explained the problem. We discussed a variety of solutions, and she asked me to weave the first 6″ in another white I had, as close as I could match, since it would not show as she’s having it turned into a ring sling. Then weave all I could with the Egyptian cotton (about 75″ according to my calculations), finishing with navy.

That what I did. I marked the end of that weft and started with the Egyptian cotton. I wove about 60″ and it looked like I might be able to get all 112″ of the wrap woven with the Egyptian cotton. I contacted T & asked her what her preference was – try to weave it all in white or do the navy tail anyway. She opted for about a foot of the navy.

I’ve got it all woven now. Tomorrow I’ll cut it off the loom, hem it, and get it into the washer.

Next up…a special order rayon chenille scarf. Then a sample of my next jurying piece to see if my concept will work. By then the yarn for the next batch of baby wraps should have arrived.

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