The Year That Was, Part I

Christmas lights
The holidays aren’t even over yet, and I can’t express how great they’ve already been. My family was all together for the first time in years, and we had a wonderful time. Friends gathering added to the pleasure. After all, is there anything more important than family & friends? I think not.

I like the way this photo turned out – a nice mix of reality and imagination, at least to my eye. It has the added benefit of reflecting family for me. Remember those old ceramic Christmas trees? Mom made this one probably 40 years ago, and it’s the centerpiece of my 2009 holiday decorations. Makes me think of her and smile every time I look at it.

This photo also seemed a fitting entry into Carmi’s challenge of the week. I plan to post more as the week passes. Play along — tell me what you want to remember about 2009.
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