Merry Macomber!

Macomber loomRemember that old Macomber loom I picked up in pieces? Well, with my son’s help it got the finishing touches on it over the holiday. After he left to head back home, I couldn’t wait to get a warp on it.

Having woven only scarves and other wearables to date, I decided to try my hand at some handwoven table linens. So I prepared a warp of 292 threads of unbleached cottolin (60% cotton and 40% linen), and wound it on the lovely 8-harness Mac.

You might think that the hanging threads in the pic mean I didn’t count right. WRONG! I did count correctly. It’s just that I wanted to have 2 extra threads on each end of the piece to make up for the draw-in, but forgot to thread for that at the beginning, so had 2 extra threads at the end. Not to worry – just hang a few where you need them; that’s my motto!

I must say, not having worked with cottolin before, I didn’t find it fun to wind on the back beam. All those little hairs made it stick together and clump up. But I’ve wound lots of rayon chenille warps, so knew if I just stuck with it, I’d get there.

handwoven napkinThis evening I finished my first piece on the Mac – a napkin. Despite the fact that my right selvedge is quite wiggly, I’m happy with the napkin. I think the triple rows of concentric Atwater-Bronson lace look swell. I’ve warped the loom for a set of four napkins and a table runner. As always, I’m both enjoying the process and eager to see how it’ll look and feel after it’s wet finished.

May all your warps be smooth, your sheds wide, and your treadling easy in 2010!

Your turn – what are you weaving now? What do you plan to weave in 2010?

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