Rayon Chenille Throw Finished

After about 18 hours of frenetic work, I have finished the rayon chenille throw I’ll be giving my friends for Christmas.

As planned, I used two strands of a relatively fine gauge rayon chenille for both warp and weft. It wasn’t as hard as it might have been — probably a bit easier than […]

I’m Weaving for a Nice Christmas

Like lots of folks around the country and around the world, I don’t have much expendable income this year. I’m struggling to pay my bills each month. So it was simply not an option for me to do my usual Christmas buying. Admittedly, I generally overspend, buying lots more than is reasonable, but not this […]

Christmas Stockings

My Mom made our Christmas stockings. The only picture I have of them is in my mind, but many years later I tried to make something similar. I think my mother’s were much more artfully done, much more attractive, and I don’t remember them getting all dirty, the way ours did. The similarities are the […]

Kreativ Blogger Award

THANKS SO MUCH to Jeena Papaadi, of Navy Blue Jeans, for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger award!!! Jeena is a real sweetheart, and has been following me for a while now, but I was still very pleasantly surprised by this award.

Here’s the lovely suitable-for-framing visual announcing to all the world that I […]

Northwest Rain Forest

A handful of years ago we trucked off to the Pacific Northwest. One of the must-see sights for me was a rain forest. I’ll freely admit that my only vision of a rain forest was something from the Amazon, and those in the northwest are quite different from that. Still, it was really beautiful there, […]