Rayon Chenille Throw Finished

After about 18 hours of frenetic work, I have finished the rayon chenille throw I’ll be giving my friends for Christmas.

handwoven rayon chenille throw

As planned, I used two strands of a relatively fine gauge rayon chenille for both warp and weft. It wasn’t as hard as it might have been — probably a bit easier than a doubleweave in rayon chenille.

I still have to double twist the fringe before I can wet finish it, so it’s not yet achieved its final drapiness, and I can’t yet tell if it’s really much thicker than it would have been with single strands. But it’s essentially done.

Today’s December 20. I still have to put lots of things away before my son and his bloodhound, Dixie arrive in about 36 hours. I haven’t wrapped anything, haven’t put up the tree, and actually, still have to order a few things that I’ll get electronic notification of to give to the recipient. (That would have been true no matter when I ordered them — I’m not so crass I would have put it off this long otherwise.) And I still have to get groceries in the house. Yikes! Fortunately, Michael is a very agreeable sort, and he’ll like decorating the tree and going shopping with me.

I do want to get some more Christmas stories on here, but not tonight. It’s time for putting my feet up and vegging out with a glass of wine.

Your turn: Are you buying less for holiday gifts this year? Making more?

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