Visiting Baxter

On Sunday my family had a little get-together in Rochester, at at my grandson’s house. Ok, my daughter really owns the house, but Baxter rules it.

red-baxterSince they’d had such a good time playing in the country, my little guy, Red, wanted to visit Bax’s in the city, even if it meant putting up with a long car ride. After Baxter got over running around the yard like a madman, the two dogs really enjoyed just being together.  Yeah, they weren’t really playing together, just hanging out, but that’s because Baxter is fairly obsessive about chewing sticks.

baxter-with-woodAnd not just sticks, but whole pieces of firewood!

We didn’t get to see the laser cats – they think Red is really scary, all 16 pounds of him, and disappear as soon as they catch sight of him.

Unlike Baxter. Not only did he greet us with much enthusiasm, he checked in frequently to make sure everyone had plenty of opportunities to pet his newly-groomed coif. And this after a busy day on Saturday with his other grandparents.

At the end of the day, Baxter was very gracious in wishing us safe travels on our way back home.bax-says-bye

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