Dolly Gets A Leg Up

Doh! Sometimes my dopiness just amazes me.

My wonderful sister, who gave me Dolly, read my post about her and called me. Why did I need to fashion something for her to stand on? I explained that she wouldn’t balance on the 2″ diameter circle at the bottom of the pipe.

When she bought it, they said the base came with it. Didn’t I get the base? She emailed me a picture of what it should look like. Nope, not here.

But wait. The box Dolly came in is still quite heavy. I did note that when I took Dolly out, but my brain said, “Hm. They must have used heavy cardboard.”

From 90 miles away, my sister said, “Um, check the bottom of the box again.” And sure enough, hiding in its own piece of cardboard that looked just like the bottom of the box, was the metal base.
Dolly the mannequin's base

There were the three holes that perfectly matched the three screws in that 2″ pipe base. Doh!

So now Dolly can stand on her own. Hell, she can pirouette!
Dolly's standing

Amazing how I didn’t really look in the bottom of that box, despite acknowleding that it was heavy. Sure glad I hadn’t taken it to the recycling center yet!

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