Not a break

It may seem like I took a break. But no, not really. I had a show this past weekend. So travel & set up on Friday, show on Saturday & Sunday, then pack up and travel back home. I like getting feedback from both buyers and lookers. I really like spending time with my […]

A gift reveal

Way back in October I told you I was knitting, but I never told you what it was. I’m quite sure my nephew and his wife don’t read my blog, and this isn’t a Christmas present anyway, so I feel safe in revealing this gift. They are expecting their first child, and have remarkably […]

New do

Jack got a new do. Although his skin infection is cleared up, the vet suggested I keep his hair short for a while since he has some dry skin that we want to alleviate.

I sure could have taken him to a groomer, or to be groomed at a pet store, but decided to […]