Handmade Holiday, part 1

By now everyone for whom I made Christmas gifts has received them, so I can show you. I decided to go with the order in which I made them.

First is a knitted baby blanket for my grandson, RCA, who will likely be born within the next 2-1/2 weeks. The request, from his big brother, was a blanket as soft as his (the brother’s). What he loves about his blanket is the pilling of the acrylic yarn, so that’s what I used. Because RCA will be born in late December/early January I decided to knit with 2 strands of yarn at once to produce a heavier blanket.

my new grandson's blanket

Then I went moved to my sewing machine. I made 10 fleece hats for adults. The two on the bottom left of the photo for me, the rest are gifts.

10 fleece hats

Although I like hats, I know some of the women I was making gifts for prefer handbands, so I made five of those.

fleece head bands

Then I made two hats for kids on my list, my 4 year old grandson and 1 year old grand nephew.

fleece kids' hats

I ended the sewing with several infant hats from knit fabric for my new grandson and grand nephew.

knit fabric baby hats

I got all the patterns I used free online, but I also made adjustments to every one since they didn’t exactly work as is for me. I should also mention that I don’t really know how any of the hats will fit the intended recipient. I used my head as an adult average, and made a few smaller. For the kids and infants? No real clue.

Then I knit two more hats for my grandson, one with the yarn from his blanket, one with sock yarn. I love that little sock yarn hat.

hand knit baby hats

In my next post I’ll show you what’s come off of and is currently on my looms.

3 comments to Handmade Holiday, part 1

  • Perry

    Merry Christmas Peg. You are so talented, and can always create something out of anything….and can do it fast!

  • Great gifts! I love the fleece hats and who wouldn’t love that little sock yarn knit one?
    I’m hoping to get a headband from one of my scarf warps, but a knitted or fleece on sounds pretty nice. Maybe a matching cowl….

  • Judy T

    What sweet and thoughtful gifts all around Peg! I’m really happy you let us peek at them all now that Christmas is over. Beautiful colors and pattern for little RCA’s blanket. I’m sure he’ll love it as much as Rusty did his. Merry Christmas Peg! Happy new year!!!

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