Last wrap of the year

RA & NP, bout 1

RA and NP have been patiently waiting through the holiday enjoyment and preparation for their wraps to get onto my loom. Here you go, moms!

Choosing five colors for her warp, RA worked carefully, and her choices just couldn’t be better. Every one of her colors works just perfectly with the color next to it.

The photo above is bout 1 – mauve pale to periwinkle. I forgot to take a photo of bout 2, periwinkle to rose pale. The periwinkle, one of my personal favorite colors, plays so nicely with the mauve that I was a bit apprehensive about how it would look with the rose. I needn’t have worried…they’re beautiful together!

Here’s the third bout – rose pale to rose fonce. Again, the colors look great.

RA & NP, bout 3

I couldn’t get a good photo of bout 4 – rose fonce to fuschia, but it is equally as beautiful as the other 3.

I have the warp spread in the raddle, and I may beam it tomorrow. We’ll see how Christmas Eve plays out. I probably won’t be back at my blog tomorrow regardless, so MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

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  • And a Merry Christmas to you and yours Peg. Enjoy that beautiful warp. I love to see them spread out on the loom and beamed. So neat and pretty and full of possibilities. Of course my warp being wound now is all natural. BORING!

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