Lots more socks

I’ve been having fun shibori-dyeing socks. Been doing one or two batches a day. 🙂 Without further ado, here are my results since last post, in the order in which I dyed them.

I really like this blue. And I’m very fond of how those circles from the cones are showing up on the darker value socks!
blue shibori-dyed socks

The maroon? It’s okay. I sort of wanted more of a burgundy. And that orange? I wanted more red-orange. But both are okay. My attempt to create a flower with the layout of these socks was a fail.

maroon and orange shibori-dyed socks

These grape socks are big winners for me. For the infant and toddler socks I used marbles and rubber bands to create those circles. Time consuming, but very fun when done.

shibori-dyed grape socks

This dark turquoise batch worked well. I overdyed those snake-dyed-then-zigzag-painted socks. They won’t ever be my favorites, but they no longer embarrass me. The infant socks will get overdyed as there’s too much white for my taste.

turquoise shibori-dyed socks

I’ve got 2 more batches in the finishing stages before I can share them. Although I still have 8 more pairs of socks that can be dyed, I’m a little burned out on it for now, and will go back to the loom for a while.

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