2 more batches of socks

I like the socks I hand painted in soft green and blue, although to my mind they are not as unique or as fun as the shibori socks.

hand painted blue and green socks

For this next batch of socks I wanted red. But I got dark orange. Unlike 99% of my photos of red things, these socks look more red in the photo than they do in real life.

not-red shibori dyed socks

I’ve exchanged emails with the dye company. Understandably, their dyes can be expected to hold their color for 2 years. Mine are 3 years old. And in my experience reds are problematic colors anyway. I’ve ordered new red dyes.

Here’s a pair of the orange I previously dyed and the not-red ones for comparison.

comparison of orange and not-red socks

So here’s a question for my readers: should I –

(1) leave as is with lots of socks very close in color?
(2) overdye the not-red with yellow?
(3) overdye the not-red with the new red?
(4) attempt to create a burgundy with the new dyes and overdye with that?

I’d love your input!

2 comments to 2 more batches of socks

  • If it were me I’d probably leave them as is. They are all so fun. Have you ever tried ice dyeing socks? I’m going to be teaching a couple neighborhood kids how to ice dye t-shirts this next month and thought it might be fun to do socks at the same time.

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