Comfy Socks

white socksActually, these socks are the opposite of what I usually like in foot gear. I go in for dark-colored socks, socks that fit snugly, and socks that are really warm.

But somehow this loose, white, moderate-weight pair pleases me.

One reason is their amazing whiteness. And the fact that somehow they’ve managed to stay sparkling white for months. I think they’re magical socks — there really is no other explanation for all that cleanliness.

Play along with Carmi, or tell me about your socks.

3 comments to Comfy Socks

  • This photo makes me feel feel all warm and comfy: Which really matters to me today because it’s cold and icy outside. I love soft perspectives like this, because they force me to get back to the things that matter most: home, family, quiet time.

  • Remember when socks were the most boring gift you could receive? Socks for Christmas was a real groaner. Well, all that has changed; it might be an age thing, huh? Whatever it is the perfect sock is now like the Holy Grail: worth the quest!
    It should stay up without cutting off circulation and be soft but not floppy and in my world it should also be a knee sock. (Hey, it’s winter here; I can’t even think about an ankle sock without shivering.) Color is not important but natural fiber most definitely IS; socks must breathe. Someday I’d like to try a pair of cashmere knee socks but they may be too delicate to be practical. Still, it’s a lovely thought.

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