I’m Sick

Not the kind of sick that means really great, but the kind that means no one should come near me.

I’m pretty sure it’s your basic head cold. I’m also pretty sure that Amanda gave it to me when we spoke on the phone on Tuesday evening. Either that, or Jenny gave it to me when I read her on New Year’s Eve and it had a long incubation period. It had to be one of them, ‘cuz no one else I know has it.

Here’s what’s surrounding me now.
cold remedies
In case you can’t recognize everything in the photo, I’ll explain.

  • Starting at the left, there’s the omnipresent box of kleenex. It has to always be within reach, ‘cuz the nose is dripping like a faucet.
  • Then comes the wide array of tonics: elderberry elixir, echinacea tincture, respiratory relief tincture, vitamin C, and zinc, all designed to kick the cold in the butt.
  • Hiding behind all those bottles is the aspirin, essentially for fighting the inevitable headache, and the thermometer, to see if I really do have a fever.
  • Then there’s the herbal teas designed to both fight the germs and soothe my throat, particularly when paired with the honey.
  • Behind it all is the orange juice and water – you know, rest in bed & drink plenty of fluids. That’s all well & good until you have to get up 4 times during the night to pee.
  • The little jar to the left of my tea cup partners with the blue calico fabric; the first contains an herbal version of vapo-rub, the second wraps around my neck and chest to keep all those herbs in place while I’m sleeping.
  • The little box on the right is for all those snotty kleenex. Have to have at least one garbage container in each room — although I can carry the kleenex box around, I’m not carrying the garbage bin around with me.
  • The book? That’s just for looks. I can’t really stay awake long enough to read, but it helps me maintain the illusion that I can.

I should have known I was getting sick when my hair started hurting mid-day on Tuesday. I just didn’t read the signs right.

Your turn — what’s your favorite cold remedy?

2 comments to I’m Sick

  • […] moving bit of sun was reflected to me as I lay snuffling and napping on the couch with my recent cold. So even though I had to bundle up with lots of clothes just to get outside and snap this shot, I […]

  • Whenever I hear the words,”my hair hurts’ it always calls to mind an ancient episode of the Bob Newhart Show. [The original show where Bob was a psychologist not the one with Daryll and his brother Daryll.]One episode begins with his wife Emily [the great Suzanne Pleshette] lying in bed moaning that she’s too sick to get up. When Bob asks her what the problem is Emily replies,”My hair hurts.” Much hilarity ensues.

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