More Yarn Arrives

On Saturday morning I was feeling pretty good. As planned, I’d managed to work my way through a decent quantity of my yarn stock, getting ready for the 2010 shows. I’d also done the tedious work of updating my website with recently handwoven scarves and shawls, and removing items no longer available.

Then the mail arrived. It contained two boxes of hand painted yarn I’d ordered from Tammy at Yarntopia Treasures, my favorite fiber colorist.
handpainted yarn
Most of the yarn is a bamboo-cotton blend: 2/3 bamboo and 1/3 cotton. This blend makes the yarn more affordable while keeping the best qualities of both fibers. The silver is rayon to coordinate with another handpainted rayon I previously ordered from Tammy.

The bamboo-cotton will makes some stunning handwoven scarves, perfect for the warmer weather that we’ll have by the time shows start. I purchased the rayon specifically to make a handwoven shawl that I think will look quite dressy.

winding a ball of yarnSo now, although I’m still working on my stash of rayon chenille, all that gorgeous bamboo-cotton has brought with it some anxiety. Overflowing shelves mean I have lots more weaving to do.

And since the handpainted yarn all needs to be wound into balls before I can get it on the warping board, it’s just that much more time. Fortunately, last year I bought a yarn swift and a ball winder. Until then I’d stretched the skeins over the backs of two kids’ chairs and wound balls by hand. These two simple tools take the time per skein from 15 minutes down to 3-4 minutes – a dramatic decrease.

Your turn – what have you received in the mail recently?

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