Mary Poppins lied

yucca threads

cool threads on a yucca plant

I have no comment on the spoonful of sugar thing, but when it comes to washing windows, well begun is most definitely NOT half done. Only half done is half done.

section of my walk on Bay Road

nice section of my morning walk-what’s around the bend?

When you have 22 windows to be washed, inside and out, and screens scrubbed, it takes hours to reach half done. I forgot about 2 of my small windows when I did this nasty task on Friday, and still have to wash the insides of the dozen windows in my weaving studio, but this is small potatoes compared to what I have finished.

I have now finished those windows, and the fat lady has sung her closing aria.

next section of Bay Road

the road opens up to the Bay

Bay road pilings

cormorants drying their wings on the pilings

In a few weeks I’m going to be doing a demo at the Rochester Central Library. I’m bringing 3 looms: my potholder loom, on which I’ll invite people to make a potholder to take, my rigid heddle loom which I set up with an alpaca houndstooth,

alpaca houndstooth on rigid heddle

and my 4 harness Missouri loom, which I’ve set up with cotton for a bookmark warp.

bookmark warp on Missouri loom

I have a few weeks to gather the supplies and materials for this program, but wanted to get this part set up and off my to-do list and my mind.

Harking back to the last post, my 2nd and 3rd little melons were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!! I let them simply fall off the vine on their own instead of picking them…a good decision for me.

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