Talisman Tales

After that first talisman for little Ben, I was inspired to make talismans for family and friends who were having particular problems. Let me share just a few of them with you here.

garnet, amethyst, and rose quartz

garnet, amethyst, and rose quartz

I made an easy-to-wear stretchy bracelet of amethyst, garnet, and rose quartz for an anxious new mother and her colicky baby. I chose amethyst for its soothing and calming properties, and to encourage positive energy. Garnets were included to promote warmth, wisdom, and understanding. Garnets also protect and calm newborns. Rose quartz also providing calming and cooling benefits. In addition, it helps to remove negativity, emphasize both self-love and mother-love, and promote healing and emotional balance. Mama was thrilled to receive this gift. Did it calm, soothe, and protect? I can’t say for sure, but I do know it helped her to remember that others cared about her and were willing to help in whatever ways we could.

Red & Magic

Red & Magic

A woman I know does amazing healing work with animals, using homeopathy, reiki, Chinese medicine, and more. She has helped my animals immensely, pulling them through some rough times. While she’s extremely skilled and certainly doesn’t need my help, I figured I’d just add to her healing tools, and made a simple wrap bracelet of amethyst, sodalite, and green aventurine. Here’s why I chose those three.

Amethyst is sometimes called the healer’s stone, or the stone of spirituality and contentment. It enhances your creative energy and healing power by assisting the mind’s surrender to higher spiritual energies. Amethyst opens you up to the cosmos, bringing in all the positive energy around you, balancing and aligning the intellectual, emotional, and physical energies.

Sodalite is a shaman’s stone. It is beneficial in healing work by providing activation of the third eye, and provides direction of purpose and lightness of heart.

Green aventurine was used in shamanic medicine wheel work to aid spirit guides in connecting to the green, healing heart light.

Next time I’ll talk about how you can choose a talisman.

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