Gavin’s Blanket is Done

Gavin’s completed blanket

I finished little Gavin’s custom handwoven security blanket. It’s winging its way to him as we speak. Based on the photo, momma Caitlin thinks it’s just what she wants – handwoven in fine-gauge white cotton with blue windowpane, finished with pale yellow blanket binding on all four sides. She’s going to […]

Woven Lace on a Counterbalance Loom

I really enjoy learning. New techniques, new processes, new ideas – I find them all exciting. I also like to push the envelope – to make the limited tools and skills I have do something that is supposedly beyond their capacity. I think that’s the teenager in me: tell me that I can’t do something, […]

Healing Gemstones-Rainbow Flourite

Several colors of fluorite

I enjoy working with good quality rainbow fluorite. I find its transparent colors very attractive and appealing. I had used it many times before I realized that there really isn’t any such thing as “rainbow” fluorite – there’s green fluorite, yellow fluorite, purple fluorite, and clear fluorite. When they’re mixed […]

Rainbow Flourite Custom Jewelry

Joan called me a few weeks ago. She’s standing up for her friend’s wedding later this month and wanted a necklace to go with her new dress. She wanted me to design a custom necklace for her. We had a few false starts, but finally managed to meet so I could see the dress and […]