Healing Gemstones-Rainbow Flourite

Several colors of fluorite

Several colors of fluorite

I enjoy working with good quality rainbow fluorite. I find its transparent colors very attractive and appealing. I had used it many times before I realized that there really isn’t any such thing as “rainbow” fluorite – there’s green fluorite, yellow fluorite, purple fluorite, and clear fluorite. When they’re mixed together in a single stone or a single strand, it’s called rainbow fluorite to reflect its many colors.

In addition to healing properties, fluorite is an interesting gemstone for other reasons. It has “fluorescence,” or glows, in ultraviolet light. In fact, the word fluorescent is derived from fluorite. Perhaps that has something to do with why I have such a hard time getting a good picture of fluorite – what I see with my eyes and what the camera records aren’t necessarily the same.

I was quite surprised to learn that fluorite is often used to remove impurities when making steel and other metals. I have absolutely no idea how it does this, but the word fluorite is derived from the Latin meaning “to flow,” so presumably the fluorite encourages those impurities to flow from the raw steel.

Fluorite, like all gemstones, has healing properties, characteristics that can have a positive impact on health and happiness. In general, fluorite promotes truth, harmony, and spiritual growth. It can help to clear the mind and increase concentration.

Blue fluorite is a gemstone that is good for calming the emotions. It can help quiet an overly busy mind, reducing some of that unwanted brain chatter.

Carry purple fluorite to bring peace and balance into your life. This healing gem can foster more rational thought and concentration, resulting in clarity in complex situations.

Use green fluorite as a healing gemstone when you want to still your mind and heart and gain some clarity in expanding your positive relationships. It can also be used to encourage you to let go of old thought patterns and accept new ones.

Clear fluorite balances the emotions, bringing calm to a troubled mind. This healing gemstone is good for meditation, and can help you achieve higher levels of awareness and understanding.

If you want to increase your wisdom try using the least common color of this gem – yellow fluorite . Yellow can also help to dispel anxiety and to ease conflict, both within yourself and in a group.

If you’re looking for a healing gemstone to bring peace, clarity, and positive thinking into your life, consider one or more of the colors of fluorite. I’ll be happy to make a custom necklace, bracelet, earrings, or talisman for you – contact me to discuss what you’re looking for.

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