Rainbow Flourite Custom Jewelry

Joan called me a few weeks ago. She’s standing up for her friend’s wedding later this month and wanted a necklace to go with her new dress. She wanted me to design a custom necklace for her. We had a few false starts, but finally managed to meet so I could see the dress and get some ideas from Joan about what she was looking for.

Unlike most weddings, the bride asked her two attendants to pick out any dress they liked, as long as it was pastel. She said her desire was that the women would truly be able to wear the dresses again.

Joan went shopping and chose a very lovely sheath dress with a short-sleeved jacket. The fabric is beautifully textured like a silk shantung, and it’s a muted silvery-green color. All together its a very classy look. She planned ahead and brought the dress to my house so we could lay stones on it and see how they would look.

Given the sheath style with its relatively high simple neckline, Joan appropriately wanted her custom necklace for this wedding to be fairly long, one that wouldn’t interfere with the lines of the dress or jacket. Instead the necklace would pair nicely the dress, with or without the jacket, and add a bit of pop to the outfit.

We looked at a variety of stones, ultimately deciding on using a combination of amethyst and rainbow flourite. The amethyst would be a counterpoint to the fabric’s green, and the flourite, with its transparent green, purple, and pale yellow colors, would tie it all together.

So now we had the type of stones. As with all my custom jewelry, next we spent some time discussing everything from length of the finished necklace to weight (actual and visual), type of clasp to overall style. I did a rough layout of what I was thinking based on our conversation, and got Joan’s approval to proceed. Cubes of amethyst & flourite, offset by faceted amethyst rondelles, all surrounded by sterling silver.

Within the next week I drafted the necklace for her to come back and try on. She was happy with the draft, so we talked about coordinating earrings.

Fluorite & Amethyst Necklace & Earrings

Fluorite & Amethyst Necklace & Earrings

Finally, I finished the custom necklace and earrings, and will deliver them to Joan this week, in plenty of time for the wedding later this month.

I’ve made wedding jewelry before, but this was the first time an attendant was able to choose it herself. Previously the brides have chosen the jewelry and given it to their attendants as gifts. This was simply another way for the whole process of custom jewelry to work, and one that made everyone happy.

Contact me for your own custom jewelry – for your wedding, prom, holiday, or just to make that outfit pop.

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