July Contest

Although it’s not quite July yet, I’m announcing and starting the July contest.

Leave a comment of suggestions for Caitlin about transitioning Gavin to the new security blanket, and you’ll be entered into the contest. Each suggestion will get you one entry, so leave as many as you’d like. In order to be as timely as possible for Caitlin, entries are due early this time – by July 12.

Mug rugs

Mug rugs

Since the comments are about my weaving, not my jewelry, this month’s prize is weaving. You’ll win a set of four cotton mug rugs, in forest green & off white. I wove these mug rugs on my little rigid heddle loom, which I take to shows to demonstrate weaving.

Winner of the June contest? Jean from Bangalore, India. Congratulations, Jean!

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