A Day at Hurd Orchard

Last week my two sisters, my daughter, and I spent a day at the Hurd Orchards in Holley, NY. We had a delicious gourmet lunch made with locally-grown veggies & fruits, served in a heritage barn. I remain remarkably impressed that this farm has remained undivided and in the family for almost 200 years!

Amy talks about working with flowers

Amy talks about working with flowers

After lunch Amy taught us how to make stunning floral arrangements with peonies, roses, lady’s mantle, and more, all grown there on the farm. This is where I learned about the Sarah Bernhardt peony, on the very day that Ruth’s opened for the first time in 12 years.

My vase

My vase

You might think that all of the vases would look the same, but they didn’t. Although there were definite similarities since we were using the same materials, each had our own personal signature on it, our own sense of placement, height, and fullness. You can compare mine here and my daughter’s.

If you’re anywhere near Holley, NY, I recommend taking a trip to Hurds – for lunch, a class, or just to pick some wonderful fruit.

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