Woogie Wins!

Gavin with old & new blankets

Gavin with old & new blankets

I was SOOOO happy to get this message from mama Catilin: “The ‘new blankie’ has officially been accepted into my son’s life. He now must have both with him all the time, especially at bed time. On top of that, he seems content having only the new blankie if the old one is not around or in the wash. He even calls them both ‘Woogie,’ which is ‘old blankie’s’ name. We will continue to slowly work with him until the day comes when we can finally separate him from the old one completely.”

Gavin is a beautiful little boy. He looks so happy, and I’m sure that it’s not just because he has his blankets, but because he is so well-loved by his parents, grandparents, and everyone else in his world. Making this handwoven security blanket for him has added a great deal of pleasure to my life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to add to his. After all, making others happy provides great happiness in return.

If I can add to your happiness with custom weaving, just let me know!

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  • lynette ambruch

    my summer has been lovely with the rain, i mean that. i grow perennials for a large landscape company and my plants are thriving. look around, all of nature has benefited from the lifegiving rain…..altho it has dampened some of my husband’s fun on his motorcycle, i still have enjoyed the freshness of the drippage. looking forward to more water and hopefully lots of white stuff this winter

    • Peg Cherre

      I am so with you on this one, Lynette! Not only have my gardens thrived (I, too, grow mostly perennials, but only for myself), but since my only water source is a spring, I never complain about too much rain. Too little? That’s a problem fo me!

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