Round and round we go

KY bout 1

I just finished the last of my Christmas gifts this morning. Whew! I’ll be sharing them on Sunday, so can do a post with my gift handiwork next week.

So yesterday afternoon I took a break and wound bout 1 of KY’s custom baby wrap. Honestly, my body was not used to how many times I have to go around for these really long warps. This one is 15 yards long. From top to bottom the colors are black, charcoal and dark gray. Mom chose for me to use a combination of my usual Maurice Brassard cottons and Egyptian cotton.

Today I wound bouts 2 and 3.

KY bout 2

Bout 2 finishes the dark gray then goes to light gray. Interesting how proximity and the lighting makes the bottom of bout 1 look completely different than the top of bout 2, isn’t it? But they are identical it’s the same yarn.

KY bout 3

Bout 3 is solid white. My back is done with this activity for the day, but I’m looking forward to bout 4, which as 4 colors of blue in it.

I’ve also been going round and round elsewhere in my life. You know that saying that no good deed goes unpunished? Here I am. 😉

Back in November I wrote a small grant application for a project for the Weaving & Fiber Arts Center. I just learned on Monday that we were funding for my full request (which was just over $1,000). So now it’s implementation time. As the (volunteer) General Coordinator of this (volunteer-run) organization, guess who gets to do that? 🙂

The project is to deliver hands-on fiber arts activities to high school and college students in 3 different programs. The first program is scheduled for November, during a school break, so I had to immediately spend a bunch of time online gathering email addresses for high school and college art teachers, then send them individualized emails. But before I could do that I had to learn the Weaving Center’s online registration software so I could write a clear description and put it up online. Essential for me to be able to share this info with the teachers.

Since the class is limited to a maximum of 12 students, I opted to email only the high schools that are geographically closest, or that we already have a (limited) relationship with. Still, that was 28 emails. Even with copy & paste, it’s all time consuming.

And now I’ve committed to writing another small grant, for a one-shot project to coordinate a weaving program scheduled for July with the local Bhutanese community. Ay yi yi.

3 comments to Round and round we go

  • LOL, these sorts of things multiply you know. Different type of thing, but when I fostered dogs for rescue I can’t tell you how many times we had to make room at the in for one or two more, no small feat when we have had our own running pack of 7 or 8 unwanted’s. The warp is going to be awesome! Love the color combo.

  • Alma

    Congratulations on your funding victory!

    Theresa’s right – these things do tend to grow!!

    Good luck!

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, both Theresa & Alma. I haven’t woven a wrap in a while and am looking forward to it. And although it is time consuming for sure, the whole grant writing and implementation is something I know how to do well, so it’s not super stressful. Thank goodness!

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