Healing Jewelry

When I think of healing, several things come to mind: making my aching knees feel better, improving my mental attitude, and helping to improve life in my community and in the world.

I believe that our thoughts and words make almost as much of a difference as our actions.

Put negative thoughts and intentions out there, and you’ll most likely end up in trouble. Think positively and send sincere wishes for peace and happiness to all living creatures and chances are you will reap positive rewards. If nothing else, you’ll surely be much happier, which ultimately also means much healthier.

Namaste, Shanti, Om

Namaste, Shanti, Om

In an attempt to encourage positive thinking and intentions toward others, I made a little pin. Wear it and you’ll be expressing well wishes everywhere you go. Some people will know instantly what the three words mean, others will have to ask, giving you an opportunity to share something positive with a stranger.

Shanti is easy – it means peace. With a variety of interpretations, my favorite translation of namaste is the light in me greets the light in you. Om, now that’s more difficult. To me, it’s almost undefinable, being the vibrational wave of everything, animate and inanimate. That’s not the most common understanding, however. Om is often used in chants as a strong spiritual or mystical symbol, and is considered to be one way to call on the divine spirit.

In addition to including the three words, the pin also includes seven colored glass beads, representing the seven chakras, or energy sources, in the body.

Whether or not you wear my pin, I encourage you to spend a few minutes each day sending positive wishes to people you know and people you don’t. Even if you don’t believe it can help, it certainly can’t hurt.


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