Make A Mess, Clean It Up

In my experience, a weaver is nothing if not a problem solver. That’s all well and good when I’m learning how to do some new pattern or technique; it’s quite another thing all together when the problem was caused by my own goofiness. That’s what happened today. (Sorry to my non-weaver readers; I use lots […]

Eggshell Handwoven Bamboo Scarves

The second custom weaving order was for a handwoven bamboo scarf. Although most of us would call the color eggshell or natural, the yarn manufacturer calls it rice, so that’s what I call it, too. I’ve made this color before, but was out of it, so it turned into a special order.

My customer […]

My New Favs – Handwoven Rayon Scarves

Back in July I took a great, if short, vacation with my kids to Asheville, NC. While we were there, we made a trip to Earth Guild, a store catering to hand weavers, spinners, and knitters, plus some other beautiful hand work. Never having heard of Earth Guild before, stopping there was somewhat of a […]