This is a medium sized, multifaceted, Swarovski crystal that hangs in my living room window. Facing west, the light comes in late in the day. Sometimes, serendipituously, it creates this lovely colored glow. I wasn’t sure I could capture it on the camera, but it did work.

This is my entry into Carmi’s challenge […]

Bathtub Rorschach

What do you see in this picture? Tell me, and perhaps I’ll analyze your thinking.

Not really, of course. But I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this bathtub rorschach. No, my tub doesn’t usually look like this, although the old porcelain clawfoot does have stains that will never scrub out. But this particular […]

My New Favs – Handwoven Rayon Scarves

Back in July I took a great, if short, vacation with my kids to Asheville, NC. While we were there, we made a trip to Earth Guild, a store catering to hand weavers, spinners, and knitters, plus some other beautiful hand work. Never having heard of Earth Guild before, stopping there was somewhat of a […]

Handwoven Placemats

This isn’t my first set of placemats, but it is my first use of a supplementary warp. I had to use my Macomber to achieve this, and although a fine loom, I still haven’t really gotten used to it. I don’t know that it will ever find the place in my heart that my little […]

Handwoven on a Rigid Heddle Loom

Although I dearly love my handmade 4-harness counterbalance loom, it’s not very portable. My little, old LeClerc rigid heddle loom, on the other hand, moves around with ease. I really like taking the rigid heddle loom to shows and weaving actual pieces on it as much as possible during the show.

In general, two […]