Bathtub Rorschach

bathtub rorschach 2

What do you see in this picture? Tell me, and perhaps I’ll analyze your thinking.

Not really, of course. But I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this bathtub rorschach. No, my tub doesn’t usually look like this, although the old porcelain clawfoot does have stains that will never scrub out. But this particular pattern and color is the result of scarves dripping.

Every piece of weaving that comes of a loom has to be wet finished – at a minimum, hand washed with a certain amount of agitation. I do that in basins set in my bathtub, and then I usually hang scarves over an old-fashioned drying rack set in the tub. It’s important not to wring out the scarves, so they’re generally dripping for a while as they hang. The ocean waves rayon chenille made this lovely pattern in the tub.

Here are the beautifully rich finished scarves.
handwoven rayon chenille scarf, ocean waves

The day I got them dried, I had an order for one. I think I better order some more of this beautiful hand painted yarn from Tammy.

Your turn: any interesting patterns in your bathroom?

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  • I’m always up for analysis so here goes. Before it even opened my first thought was the vascular system. There is a certain feeling of internal body parts for me such as a very strange spinal system with wing-like vertebra.Or are those flippery feet? Or perhaps it is a simple block of marble veined in blue?

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