Handwoven Cottons

Again, even though I wasn’t blogging for a week, I sure was weaving. I wanted to have plenty of fall options for my show last weekend, so Tammy worked her magic quickly and got me some beautiful Egyptian cotton and bamboo-cotton blend yarn.

With the Egyptian cotton, I threaded the 4 harness counterbalance loom in an Ms & Ws pattern.
handwoven scarves, Egyptian cotton copper I treadled the bottom scarf in Ms & Ws, and the top scarf in a simple point twill pattern — easier to keep track of what I’m doing with my feet. 🙂 I used a solid rust yarn for the weft on both of those. For the middle scarf, I just used a tabby (plain) weave, and the same hand painted weft as warp to create a somewhat regular plaid. You can clearly see in the picture that these scarves need some pressing – took the photo before I did that. 🙁

Then I warped the loom for four scarves from the hand painted bamboo-cotton yarn in Moccasin.

handwoven scarves, bamboo-cotton blend, moccasinAt the left and top are two scarves woven with a solid chocolate brown weft in a twill weave.  In the middle is a tabby weave using the same variegated weft.  On the right I used a coral bamboo treadled in a diamond twill.  I planned to turn one of the chocolate weft pieces into an infinity scarf, but I haven’t had time to do that yet.

I’m still weaving away, and will do my best to get more of my work up soon!

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