Wrapping it up

After the hemming, inspecting, and making any needed repairs, the next step in the baby wrap process is running them through the washer & dryer. This step isn’t just to make sure they’re clean. It’s important to get those threads to shift as much as they’re going to and to soften up from all […]

Not spot, but a lot

A lot of cleaning, that is. My house will be shown this weekend and needs to look really good. So instead of the spot cleaning and little bits here and there that I’ve been doing, I had to start at the top and work through every room. True, the really hard stuff was done a […]

Number 3

Last night I finished weaving JJ’s wrap with the lilac weft.

I keep having ‘firsts’ with the baby wraps. This first is 3 wraps on one warp. Two of them, both for ML, are shorter than usual, with her second being especially short – she’s going to have it made into a ring sling. […]


Chores and errands have kept me from weaving as much as I’d like. So much better than pain keeping me away from the loom!

Then for unknown reasons I couldn’t upload a photo for this post. It took lots of tries over a few hours to make it happen.

Anyhoo, I’ve got ML’s […]

A bit of ouchy

I was gone all day Tuesday, playing with my grandson & daughter in the morning, taking a class at the Weaver’s Guild of Rochester in the afternoon, so no weaving progress that day.

While I was away my firewood guy was here, cutting & splitting the remaining wood to fill my basement. So […]